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  1. Leading HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) non-profit trade associations and the EPA are concerned that indoor air can be many times more polluted than outdoor air.

  2. Most HVAC systems actually suck contaminants into a building from crawl spaces, attics and wall cavities.

  3. Many furnace filters are designed only to protect the heating and air conditioning equipment from extreme dust and dirt contamination and do nothing for air quality.

  4. Home HVAC systems rarely provide any ventilation; only recirculated air.

  5. Most homes lose 20-30% of their heated and cooled air to the outside atmosphere; even those with expensive high efficiency equipment.

  6. Most HVAC systems contain fiberglass insulation. Respirable fiberglass is classified as a lung irritant and a carcinogen, and in some cases can cause severe illness.

  7. Existing building codes do nothing to address air-quality.

  8. We use a thorough and detailed HVAC installation and renovation protocol, compiled by some of the best HVAC and environmental professionals in the world.

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