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"Poly Tech Environmental have done several jobs at my home and office, and to say they do excellent work is an understatement. They are my heating and air team for life."

Ed Begley, Jr.

"As a Green Designer, my aim is creating living spaces that are energy efficient, healthy, durable and beautiful.

My family has environmental allergies and are chemically sensitive, so it was imperative that I worked with someone that understood our needs. Now we all feel great all year long and our utility bills are lower as well. Thanks Poly-Tech for a great job!"

Kristina Urbanas Spencer

Setting the Stage Interior Design, LLC


"I hired Vince to assess and improve the air quality in my new house and I am happy to say that the air system he installed is fantastic! Vince's customized high efficiency air filter/ducting system has my air smelling so fresh and clean, everyone seems to notice how fresh it is in the house. And I've noticed considerably less dust getting into the house thus lowering my dusting and vacuuming needs. I love it.

I realize now just what a good investment it was to go with his system. I think we don't realize how good it can be until we experience what is possible. Vince was extremely knowledgeable, honest, sincere and trustworthy and his workers were both professional and efficient. I highly recommend Poly-Tech for their commitment to quality service."

Bernie Soon, MA, MFT, SEP